March 17, 2013




The number one is for God. 

We must begin with number one or we cannot have number two or any other number. 

mathematics,IGCSE,patterns,symmetry,transformation,geometry,polygonsMathematically speaking we cannot get anywhere without the number one. We must begin with God.


The number two is for man. Man as an individual. 

mathematics,IGCSE,patterns,symmetry,transformation,geometry,polygonsGod made man and Christ is “called the second man.”


Three is the number for the Trinity. God is a triune God; 

Father, Son and Spirit. 

The atmosphere, which we live in, is a trinity of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. 

The tabernacle was a trinity with its court, holy place, and Holiest of Holies.

The first chapter of Revelation is full of trinities of Truth.
V. 2 – The Word of God, The testimony of Jesus, All things that He saw.
V. 3 – Read, Hear and Keep.
V. 4 – Which is, Which was, and Which is to come.
V. 5 – The Faithful Witness, The First begotten of the dead, The Prince of the kings of the earth.
V.5, 6 – Loved us, Washed us, Made us kings and priests.
V. 7 – Every eye shall see him, They also which pierced him, All kindreds of the earth.
V. 9 – Tribulation, Kingdom, Patience
V. 18 – I am He that liveth, Was dead, Alive for evermore.
V. 19 – Things seen (Past), Things which are (Present), Things which shall be (Future).

Who would dare to contradict the trinity as these Ten appear in one chapter alone, chapter one of Revelation. Certainly no Spirit filled believer or student of scripture would not affirm its validity.


Four is the number of humanity as a whole. There were four men in the Ark, four men in the fiery furnace, four on the mount of Transfiguration. The four points of the compass comprise the whole of humanity in all the earth.


Five is the number for grace – grace accepted or grace rejected. 

There are five wise and foolish virgins.


The number six is the number for evil.

A man with six toes and six fingers is called a wicked man in the Bible. 

Nebuchadnezzra’s image was sixty feet high and six feet in circumference and six musical instruments called the people to worship. 

The number for the Anti-Christ is six hundred sixty-six. This is set forth the trinity of evil, the climax of wickedness, and the culmination of iniquity. There can not be anything worse than 666.


Seven is the number for perfection. This number is frequently mentioned in scripture: seven churches, seven stars, seven heads, seven horns, seven eyes, seven Spirits of god, the seven branches of the candlestick.

In Judges, the seventh book of the Bible, there are seven departures from God; seven times the people repented and seven times Jehovah delivered his people from their enemies.


Eight is the number for that which is New. There are eight beatitudes which set forth something entirely new. Everything good in this sinful world owes its presence and existence to the Word of God. The resurrection of Christ and of many of the saints took place on the eighth day. Here indeed and in truth was something new.



Nine is the number of finality. Since it is the last digit, it marks the end. It may laso mean judgment. 


Ten is the number of completeness. Jacob’s wages were changed ten times, which sets forth complete disappointment outside the will of God and his Promised Land. 

Eliezer, the servant, took ten camels with him when he started from home in order to obtain a bride for Isaac. God gave his people Ten Commandments. 

Daniel and his three friends were proved ten days and at the end of the test were ten times better than the others. Christ gave the parable of the ten pounds and ten talents. Christ healed ten lepers. The dragon of Daniel and Revelation had ten horns, which represent ten kings. The tenth or the tithe is the Lord’s...Shalom!

This article is taken from Pastor Nestor Miguel. I have read this in his posts and I would like to share it to everybody. 

Pastor Nestor Miguel is a Filipino pastor who is now at Bronx, New York. 

Thank you pastor!


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