December 16, 2011


© Ben Heine
Have you ever encountered the problem regarding the missing coin? Here it is:

A man wanted to buy a book worth 97 pesos but he does not have money for it. He decided to borrow from his friends. He borrowed 50 pesos each from his two friends. Now he has 100 pesos, which is enough to buy the book. He then bought the book and got a change of 3 pesos.

Since he still have 3 pesos, he decided to pay 1 peso each to his friends. He then only have 49 pesos credit from each of his friends.

The question is that, since he has 49 pesos credit for each friend and one peso at hand, that is
  49 + 49 = 98   (credit from his friend
  98 + 1 = 99     (the 1 peso is available at hand)

The total is 99 pesos but the original amount is 100 pesos. Where is the other one peso?

Post your answers here with your explanations...

© Ben Heine

Note: All images used are with the permission of the owner, Mr. Ben Heine, a Belgian visual artist. You can visit his website and page at 


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