April 13, 2012


This is written by an anonymous writer. It talks about the value of money and its limitations. I would like to relay this to those who were overpowered by money, setting themselves up high in a pedestal, and forget to look back to where they came from and to whom they were with - grasping greed, power, and self-centeredness. 

Money can buy a bed, but not sleep;

Money can buy books, but not brains;

Money can buy food, but not appetite;

Money can buy finery, but not beauty;

Money can buy a house, but not a home;

Money can buy medicine, but not health;

Monet can buy luxuries, but not culture;

Money can buy companions, but not friends;

Money can buy flattery, but not respect.

In mathematics, money is integrated on topics that deals with practical problems. Money math develops students' everyday math skills. It involves topics such as simple interest, compound interest,  annuities, amortizations, sinking funds, and the like. It creates a link between mathematics and our everyday life. 

Money is a part of our practical life but it does not mean that we let it overpower us. Control it and live a happy life!


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