October 24, 2010


Photo Courtesy: Michal Zacharzewski/stock.xchng
A couple is attending a school party. The guy fetch the girl at their house. 

The girl asked : "How do I look? 

The guy answered: "You are so tan c/sin c"

The girl asked: "What do you mean?"

The guy answered: "tan c/sin c is equal to (sin c/cos c)/sin c, 
                                    which is equal to 1/cos c
                                    Lastly, 1/cos c is equal to sec c.
                                    You are so sec c!" 

What a wonderful world of mathematics!
If mathematics could have been integrated in our daily life as light as this, then the subject itself could have been universally appreciated and used by everybody.http://www.sxc.hu/pic/m/m/mz/mzacha/1182634_silhouette.jpg


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